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What you'll learn

    1. Welcome and Setting the Right Expectations

    2. Who Should Take the DP-500 Exam?

    3. Prerequisites - Software and Subscription

    4. Course Slides

    1. Data Modeling and Star Schema Relevance

    2. Demo: Data Modeling and Star Schema Relevance

    3. Understanding Direct Query in Power BI

    4. Demo: Optimizing Direct Query Scenarios in Power BI

    5. Introduction to Calculation Groups

    6. Demo: Calculation Groups

    7. Understanding Aggregations in Power BI

    8. Demo: Improving Performance with Aggregations

    9. Designing a Large Format Dataset

    10. Composite Models

    11. Understanding XMLA Endpoints

    12. Implementing Row-Level Security and Object-Level Security

    13. Demo: Implementing Row-Level Security and Object-Level Security

    14. Demo: DAX Variables, Virtual Relationships, BLANKs and Iterators

    1. Understanding Data Shaping Process

    2. Understanding Query Folding Concept

    3. Demo: Improving Performance with Query Folding

    4. Data Refresh Best Practices

    5. Demo: Identifying Bottlenecks in Data Refresh Process

    6. Implementing Scalability with Dataflows

    7. Demo: Creating Dataflows in Power BI

    1. Configuring Auto Page Refresh in Power BI

    2. Demo: Configuring Auto Page Refresh Feature

    3. Demo: Designing a Custom Report Theme

    4. Understanding Paginated Reports

    5. Demo: Integrating Paginated Reports with Power BI

    6. Python and R Use-cases in Power BI

    7. Demo: Using Python in Power BI

    8. Designing Power BI Reports for Accessibility

    9. Enabling Personalized Visuals

    10. Demo: Enabling Personalized Visuals in Power BI

    1. Identifying Performance Improvements in Visuals

    2. Demo: Identifying Performance Improvements in Visuals

    3. Visuals Rendering Best Practices

    4. DAX Studio in a Nutshell

    5. Demo: Troubleshooting DAX Performance with DAX Studio

    6. Tabular Editor

    7. Demo: Optimizing Data Model with Tabular Editor

    8. VertiPaq Analyzer

    9. Demo: Analyzing Data Model Efficiency with VertiPaq Analyzer

    10. Implementing Incremental Refresh

    11. Demo: Implementing Incremental Refresh

    12. Understanding Denormalization

    13. Demo: Applying Denormalization with Power Query

    1. Data Governance and Tenant Settings

    2. Collaboration and Sharing in Power BI

    3. Data Source Privacy Settings

    4. Understanding Power BI Licensing

    5. Using On-Premises Gateway in Power BI

    6. Understanding Deployment Pipelines

    7. Demo: Creating and Configuring Deployment Pipelines

    8. Creating Reusable Assets in Power BI

    9. Demo: Creating Reusable Assets

    10. Chapter Quiz - Power BI

About this course

  • €129,00
  • 60 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Nikola Ilic

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer

Nikola Ilic

is an independent Data Platform consultant and trainer, focusing on Microsoft Data Platform technologies, especially Power BI - but “off the record” he is a data fanatic, interested in everything related to extracting meaningful information from the raw data. Nikola is a self-proclaimed "Data Mozart". As he lives in the wonderful city of Salzburg, Austria, which is well-known as the birthplace of W.A. Mozart, he was brave enough to use the composer's last name as part of his nickname. That's why Nikola's professional motto is: "Make Music from your Data!" Coming from the business environment, Nikola holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Communicology and Computer Science. He is regularly blogging on data-mozart.com, teaches live and online classes, and speaks at global data conferences. Nikola is also a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer, certified Azure Enterprise Data Analyst, Azure Data Engineer, and Power BI Data Analyst.

What my students say?

Love it when an instructor is just as excited about a technology as I am!

Gina Meronek, Data Engineer at Altra Industrial Motion

Don't let the "data analyst" title of this certification fool you. This is definitely applicable and interesting for engineers and architects. The content covers not just what's possible, but why and where you'd apply these solutions, both for modern data processing and content distribution. Nikola has great techniques for reinforcing learning in a friendly way, and the content is organized to anticipate your "but why would I do that / why should that matter" questions too. He's truly a marvelous trainer... I love it when an instructor is just as excited about technology as I am, and Nikola brings his full enthusiasm and empathy to the course.

Look no further to level up your enterprise data analytics skills!

Elena Drakulevska, Data Analyst

I had the privilege to be among the first ones who took this course and it exceeded my expectations! The course was comprehensive, covered all the necessary theory, complemented with real-life examples and case-studies. The way Nikola uses analogies makes it so much easier to remember everything and his wit makes learning fun. If you would like to level up your data analysis skills in the enterprise world, I can honestly say look no further!

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Bonus material

  • 57 Mock Exam Questions

    Get ready for the real exam by practicing with questions that are close to real exam questions!

  • Demo Files for Practice

    All files used in the course are available for download!

  • Learning Resources

    You'll get a comprehensive list of go-to resources for deepening your knowledge and sharpening your enterprise data analyst skills


  • How much time should I spend on this course?

    It's up to you! You can watch all the content in one day, although I suggest you better split it across at least one week to better digest various concepts and solutions

  • Will I have lifetime access to the course?

    Yes! Absolutely! It's yours, so feel free to revisit the content if and when necessary

  • What if Microsoft releases the update to the course curriculum?

    I plan to keep the course up to date. Once you bought the course, you'll automatically get FREE access to all the future updates

  • I work for the company and we would like to buy licenses for a group of people. What should I do?

    Feel free to get in touch directly at: nikola@data-mozart.com. I'm happy to support you with some nice discounts

  • Will I get the certificate to showcase it to my peers?

    Yes! Once you finish the course, a nice-looking certificate is waiting for you and you can add it to your LinkedIn profile or share it through other social media

  • I'm new to Power BI. Is this course for me?

    Well, honestly, I don't want to trick you into this course then. This course covers advanced Power BI topics, so you should be better off starting with PL-300 (Power BI Data Analyst) certification, before taking this course

  • I'm new to Azure Synapse Analytics. Is this course for me?

    Yes! We are starting from the basics and gradually leveling up our Synapse skills. It's even better if you had some exposure to other Microsoft data products in the past, such as SQL Server, for example

  • Why should I learn from YOU?

    Fair question! I've been working with Microsoft Data Platform for many (really many) years and have a lot of real-life experience in this area. I've been also recognized as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer. Finally, I myself obtained the DP-500 certificate while it was still in beta, and recently renewed it. I'm also a certified Azure Data Engineer (DP-203) and Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300). If you're still not sure, feel free to check my blog data-mozart.com, where I already shared a lot of DP-500 content.

  • What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

    Fair point! If you feel that course is not meeting your expectations, you have up to 7 (seven) days to ask for a refund. You'll get a 100% refund without asking any questions